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work effectively

Do you need to work effectively when you can’t be face to face?

Sign up now for this summer’s Virtual Working Summit to
gain practical advice and useful tips from world-class experts from
around the world.

Date: 28th June to 9th July 2010
Location: Your phone or computer
Charge: No charge for registration

Confirmed speakers so far:

John Niland: Building Trust Remotely
Nancy Settle-Murphy: Navigating Across Cross-Cultural Tripwires
John Flynn: Tools for Successful Virtual Working
Jean Binder: Communication on global projects
Pete Bennett: The seven dirty tricks you must be aware of before choosing your audio and web conferencing partners
Gareth Kane: Sustainability and Virtual Working
Lothar Katz: Negotiating Internationally
Elizabeth Harrin: Social Media and Virtual Teams
Penny Pullan: Conference Calls Made Easy

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