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What sort of issues do our clients have?

Our clients are grappling with more challenges than ever before! They are talented, and under pressure to do more and more. Many are very senior. Other are not line managers, as such, but still have to get things done across their organisations. They are constantly under time pressure and the stakes are getting higher and higher:

A team realises that they have wasted too much of their valuable time on ineffective video calls, stuck in front of screens. Hybrid meetings are even more of a challenge! They want to develop the skills to put this right and be more effective.

A leader has a crucial meeting coming up. She wants to be free to be involved in the content of the meeting but she knows she’s not impartial. There is concern about potential conflict bubbling up in the team. She wants to ensure that the group don’t get stuck as they have in the past.

A project professional realises that ‘Death by PowerPoint’ won’t help him draw others in. He wants to find out how to make her sessions engaging, memorable and much, more effective.

Senior executives need to deal with a major risk to their organisation. They are full of ideas and share a sense of urgency, but realise that they have been ‘going around in circles’. Their deadline is approaching. They need help to collaborate creatively.

A multinational needs to build virtual leadership skills throughout the organisation, from first time managers through to executives. They need to deliver inspiration in the form of new thinking and practical, proven strategies that work, and to embed this into their learning and development for the future.

A team is gradually moving to hybrid working, partly in the office and partly working remotely. They know how much of a challenge it is to include isolated colleagues working from home. They need a level playing field for everyone, for creative collaboration.

We work with leaders driving change, plus project professionals. We get things moving through the power of creative collaboration.

Our clients come from tech, media, pharma and healthcare, financial services, FMCG, consulting, recruitment, governments, learning, universities and non-governmental organisations.
We also work with independent professionals, often consultants and contractors, who want to reach the top of their game.

Who can benefit from working with our team?

The best results come from with those who share our values. Take a look at how we work. 

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