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Last month, I was invited to join the ProgM group in London. They are the Programme Management Special Interest Group of the APM and they were looking for something ‘a little bit different’ around the softer skills of programmes.

So I turned up at Transport for London with several of my WiPM colleagues for support (thank you) and facilitated a session for the group on what really leads to programme success.

ProgM Jan 10 discussion.jpg

 With lots of discussion and ideas flying, I learned a lot and I hope that others did too. You can see the outputs here: what makes a programme manager stand out and risk issues on programmes.

ProgM Jan 10 risk issues.jpg

The next day, I received this in an e-mail from Paul Rayner of ProgM:
“Many thanks for your splendid presentation in London yesterday. What was especially interesting was the “buzz” that you managed to generate within the room.  I got the feeling that everyone was engaged – which I seem to recall was one of your objectives.” Thank you Paul for that and for your superb photos, and thank you for your participation to everyone else who came.

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