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Virtual Leadership
A workshop presented for PMI UK at M&S Bank, Chester, UK on 6th July 2016
Our start up card

Almost as soon as I returned from PMI Global Congress, the PMI UK Chapter invited me to come and present on Virtual Leadership in Chester in the summer. With Andy Murray playing tennis and Wales playing Portugal in the European Cup, I was up against strong competition! Despite this, a strong group of project managers joined me for a talk/workshop around virtual leadership on projects. I asked them what challenges they faced with their virtual project teams. This is the result of their answers:
The challenges of virtual project teams

Here are the outputs of the day, including the slides and with many photographs of the workshop and all the activity and exercises.

I challenged tables to don face masks and then create a square from a piece of navy wool. There were lots of different results and lots of learning about how it feels to have body language and other visual information cut off.
Working on a virtual challenge!
Did they do it?

We discussed a range of topics and challenges from people who came from a wide variety of companies. It seems that Virtual Leadership for projects is a very real challenge for people right now! If this is true for you, then, as a reader of this blog, please use VLF20 at www.koganpage.com to gain a discount from me.

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