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Starting to Build Facilitation

Starting to Build Facilitation Skills with Business Analysts from a major UK Company


The internal IT department of a major UK company has a large team of business analysts. Getting the most out of meetings is a key part of their role, which includes gathering requirements and developing business cases for change. We gathered the analysts’ views of their own meetings. These included:


  • unresolved issues,
  • the need to repeat meetings to gather missed data,
  • unclear objectives,
  • actions often not completed, and not followed up.


The leader of their Community of Practice met Penny Pullan, who was speaking about facilitation skills at a professional association. He invited her to join their next meeting. In an hour, she covered the key ways to
make the most of your meetings, by involving the participants in exercises and modelling skills.


Participants’ comments included: ‘’Make the Most of Your Meetings’ was very good, a lot to cover in one
hour.’ ‘Could have a lot of benefit to us!!’ ‘The Make of Most of your meetings was most effective from the point of view of relevancy and because of the user involvement aspect.’