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Save 3 1/4 Hours

Save 3 1/4 Hours: Facilitation Skills for Project Professionals

A Gallery of Pictures and Feedback (just a tiny sample!)

Here are the group’s objectives at the start of the two days together:


‘How did you feel about project meetings before? How do you feel now?’

James Marchant went from ‘Engulfed’ to ‘More empowered.’

Jon Bugge went from ‘A necessary evil. Slightly out of control’ to ‘A stepping stone with energy that can be channeled.’ 

 gettingpresent.jpg                   talking.jpg

Lisa Talifero went from ‘Quite confident in basic facilitation but I lacked creative ideas for capturing/recording inputs and outputs’ to ‘Very excited about trying out the new approaches and techniques I have learned.’

Maduri Rajkumar went from ‘Nervous’ to ‘Excited to try new things’

Joanna Swiers went from ‘OK, but keen to make them better (a bit jaded)’ to ‘Keen to try new tools and tips to get more out of them.’

Lucy Oakshott went from ‘Apprehensive’ to ‘Confident and armed with lots of theory and practice.’

The course was full of thinking, participating, working with groups, improvising, talking and presenting!


We asked, ‘What did you particularly like about the course?’

  • Fantastic group of people. Great course leaders/facilitators. Lots of opportunities to practise. The techniques used to facilitate the course were role models for learning.
  • Group dynamic was good and encouraged. Practical nature also meant learning by doing/experience – excellent. Great to take time to focus on one particular skill.
  • Ahas, lots of practice, safe environment, nice number
  • Having an opportunity to learn about models/techniques to help improve my practical experience.
  • Chance to try things out and get feedback
  • I really valued the opportunity to try things out in a safe environment and have genuine feedback on my facilitation skills. It was also really valuable to have forums to try and try again after receiving feedback. This enabled me to practise what I had learnt.



Would they recommend this course to others?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, definitely, Yes, absolutely!!


Six weeks after the course, we asked attendees how they felt:

Ruth: I think it’s all brilliant really. Very good. And I can’t think of any improvements.

Lisa: Penny, I found the whole experience so professional right from the invitation through to the course. It far exceeds the experience I’ve ever had with other training in terms of it being a whole experience rather than you go away for a couple of days and that’s it. And I think having conference call like this and so on, it’s so good in terms of reinforcement and retention.
Neil:  I would like to second that.
Liza:  I like having the booklet and all the photographs and stuff. That was fabulous.

Jo:  I was just saying I think compared with the other courses that I’ve done, I love that booklet that we downloaded [pictures from the course and notes of what happened]. And I just think it’s so much better than just having sort of notes from a course which you put in a file and never look at again. And I think the email thing is great as well. I mean it’s just really a good way to get follow-up rather than just come away with a big bunch of stuff that you just put in a file and don’t look at. I think it’s great to have a bit at a time. And I definitely think the book is really fantastic. I’ll definitely use it. And it’s just interesting to look at. It was quite funny to look at pictures of yourself and think ‘I was there’. That’s great. I can’t think of a way to improve it. I really like it.
James:  I really like getting these little nuggets from time to time. And I look at them and I think, yes we did cover that, and it reminds me of stuff that we went through. I think in bite size chunks it’s great.

Would YOU like to go from engulfed with your project to empowered?

Save 3 1/4 Hours Per Week is available as an in house course to suit you or will run as an open course again on 3 and 4th June 2009. Book your place here.