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The British Computer Society HQ in London was pretty risky last month, especially the evening that I joined forces with Ian Thornton Bryar to explore risk with a group.

Ian began with looking at risk from his many decades of experience of what works and what doesn’t. He presented a spreadsheet that he’d used over the years to help him succeed in what were often very political and complex projects.

I followed on with a graphical start up:

Start Up for the BCS.jpg

People came up with the top issues that they have to face when they deal with risk on their projects:

What issues do you face with risk.jpg

We explored what made an excellent risk manager:

What makes a fabulous risk manager.jpg

Then I ran through some pointers to help people before, during and after risk workshops. These included:

  • being clear on your purpose,
  • getting the right people there,
  • use graphics (see www.graphicsmadeeasy.co.uk for help with this!)
  • think of how to make the workshop environment more effective
  • use conflict
  • easy ways to use anonimity to avoid problems with hierachy
  • check intentionality

We used an anonymous method to build up a group mind map of what works for risk workshops:

What really works for Risk Workshops.jpg

See all the outputs clearly here.

The evening finished with a prize draw. The winners left with either a Visual Vocabulary Volume I or a Conference Calls Made Easy CD.

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