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Risk Attitude Master Class: The Missing Link of Risk

The Missing Link of Risk



Do you feel there is something more to risk than risk logs? Is there something missing in the way your project team or company manages risk?  In my recorded Master Class, I can help you pinpoint what it is.  You won’t want to miss:

Risk Attitude Master Class Download: The Missing Link of Risk

Most of us have ways of dealing with project risks. We can identify, prioritise and manage them.

But have you ever wondered why different people have such different opinions? Which of these have you come across:

  • One of your stakeholders feels that a situation is risky and another does not.
  • Team members disagree how risky your project is. Some feel that it is worth the time and effort to manage a risk, while others would rather just get on with their work and leave it to chance.
  • People argue that you should use a ‘tried and tested’ technology rather than something innovative.
  • Those with experience have a different ‘gut-feel’ about risks from others new to the sector.

These situations are all too common in the world of our projects. Differences in people’s attitude to risk cause conflict, and delay. They can lead to risks being managed poorly. They can even adversely affect the project. The bigger the risks, the bigger the impact of mishandling risk attitude.

Perhaps the whole global economic woe that we’re living through now is the result of people ignoring risk attitude. Too many risk-seeking individuals working together led to massive profits in the good times and massive losses in the tough times. What would be the impact on your project if you had a team like that?

So what can we do about this problem? Well, there is a solution. I drew on it a couple of years ago when I was working with a major UK company. They needed their bid managers to handle risks much more effectively. I thought of Ruth Murray-Webster and David Hilson’s work on Risk Attitude – fabulous stuff! Risk attitude formed the core of my work with those managers and they found it very useful.

Earlier this year, Ruth and I worked together through her company Lucidus Consulting Ltd. I invited her to share her understanding of Risk Attitude with my subscribers and she agreed. We recorded the Master Class on 7th July to make sure you didn’t miss out. 

In it, we explore how to understand and manage Risk Attitude. We look at how it affects projects. We look at what you can do to fix this missing link in appropriate risk taking for your project. You’ll hear other project professionals asking questions and discussing how to solve common issues. This master class is available for download as an mp3 file and a full workbook, so that you can listen in from anywhere in the world.

This is what people on the call said:

“It was a very interesting course, timed to perfection and something that I may think of rolling out with our team, which is based all around the country.

“I like the play on perceptions and how to unpick what lies behind them.”

Raj Jagpal, Project Manager, Management Consultancy Firm

“This was fantastic and very much appreciated.”
Member of the PMO for an international IT company

This master class is for you if you work with projects with uncertainty about the outcomes. You could be a project manager, programme manager, business analyst, risk manager, change manager, team member or director or VP overseeing these areas.

So, Penny, how much will I need to listen in to this Master Class? Well, the bid managers spent thousands of pounds for their insights. Our master class is the only open seminar on the subject that I know of. To make it really accessible for everyone who needs it, we’re delivering by instant download for just £49. So you’ll receive the master class on ‘Risk Attitude: The Missing Link’ as well as a workbook to use as we go through the subject, all from the comfort of your own office without any travel costs… for a recession beating, no frills £49!

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Here’s a summary of what you’ll receive:

  • The Master Class on ‘Risk Attitude: The Missing Link of Risk’ for immediate download, so you can listen to it straight away on your computer or mp3 player. 
  • The Master Class workbook, containing key concepts that you can download, print and write on as you listen.

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