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On Top of the World!

A couple of weeks ago I visited the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. What an experience! Why was it?

The observation tower is 140 storeys up, just 20 stories short of the very top. The build quality is impressive. On the ride to the top, the walls of the lift light up and music plays, which isn’t something I’ve experienced before!


However, as my passion is making projects work, I was interested in Burj Khalifa as a project. At its peak, twelve thousand people were working on site at the same time. The timescales were tight, so, as soon as the wind tunnel tests on a model of the structure were complete, the builders starting buiding foundations. At the same time, the designers were designing the details of the building. This is known as fast-tracking and, of course, increases the risks on the project. However, it’s fairly common now in construction.

What made this project work? Well, reading the blurb issued by the project team, I found some clues:

  • The team worked as one to remove obstacles.
  • They had the right people in place.
  • They chose entrepreneurial people.
  • The team was 100% committed to deliver to their customer.
  • They had talented and committed individuals working together.

Well, even though the Burj Dubai had to be renamed the Burj Khalifa due to constraints on money, I feel that they have a fabulous success on their hands. Next time you’re in Dubai, I’d recommend you take the ride.

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