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I spent three fabulous days at the BA2010 conference last week. Here are my notes from Twitter, taken real-time during the sessions I attended plus others notes which I retweeted. They are in reverse order, so most recent ones are first:

@ellengott for a fabulous session at #ba2010 and for being so completely on my wavelength
@DavidAvisBA thank you for your blog post. Enjoy the book!   

 BA Blog update – http://tinyurl.com/37sfzjc – with thanks to @PennyPullan
RT @davereinhardt: #ba2010 Seddon: If umanage costs,you drive costs up.If u manage value,you drive costs down. #agileba

“How can you tell a good BA?” question now – interesting answers coming through #ba2010

“You’re definitely not going to get innovation from the project managers”, quips BA head from utility co. #ba2010
People agreeing that you can’t just recruit BAs, but need to grow people into the role, which isn’t easy #ba2010
Listening to an entrepreneurial anthropologist/ethnographer talking about Zopa.com #ba2010
“You see the real nature of an organisation in times of crisis”. Interesting examples from James Archer
Goal posts moving; shifting sands – great metaphors from Wes Curtis from the BBC at #ba2010

@GregCipollone sounds as if I missed a great session on Facilitative Leadership!

# GregCipollone #ba2010 trust & openness = most important leadership attribute. Most difficult to get, most easy to lose

# GregCipollone #ba2010 80% of BA performance is driven by soft skill performance, the stuff required to sort out wicked problems, messes

# GregCipollone #ba2010 IBM CEO report: creativity is the most important leadership attribute

Signing out from #ba2010 conference. Please note there has been fire at Victoria station – leave extra time. Ciao! 29 September 2010 15:42:03 via Twitter for iPhone

davereinhardt #ba2010 R Austin: the problem with waterfall approach is that it is too expensive to get it wrong, great soundbyte for methodology debate

Reliable Innovation: make it cheap and rapid to try things. Trystorming not brainstorming. Prof Austen at #ba2010

Why would anyone spend 500 euros on a ‘trash bin’? Prof Austen explaining at #ba2010

Talk on essence of LeanSixSigma talking in terms of physical products, not services. Missing a trick #ba2010
“Six Sigma project will take 40 weeks for one problem” says sponsor of #ba2010. Think I’ll stick with what I do now. What do you think?

@stugom what does this mean for BABOK? What can we do about BABOK?

James Archer is a very engaging presenter: everyone focused on him, not on his PowerPoint. Good stuff. #ba2010

Dee from CapGemini and I agree that any management fad needs a healthy dose of pragmatism and common sense #ba2010

I’m with John Seddon that command and control needs replacing. #ba2010
“I don’t really know what business analysts do” John Seddon #ba2010 <—- you’re not alone, John!
“Lean’s bollocks” says Seddon to lots of laughs! #ba2010 <– I like Lean tools, but not anorexic   
“Trouble with sweating the workers is that the customer interrupts” John Seddon about service industries #ba2010
“Split demand into value demand and failure demand” Seddon #ba2010
Good stuff: “Build systems so that they can absorb variety and improve performance”. Seddon #ba2010
John Seddon tells of surprise of council tenants who are asked “what day and time would you like us to come?” to fix something #ba2010
John Seddon telling funny stories about real experiences of bad systems thinking; funny but unfortunately true #ba2010
DavidAvisBA Really looking forward to John Seddon’s presentation at #BA2010 this morning – previous presentation have been fantastic.

My video of BA of the Year 2010 just uploaded to YouTubehttp://bit.ly/9RVgQ5 #baot #ba2010

Last day of Business Analysis conference and I can just enjoy it after presenting yesterday. #ba2010
“@anthonymadigan: @PennyPullan Penny, great session today and a pleasure to meet you. Looking forward to talking again soon.” <– me too!
#ba2010 All in all a great day today. 28 September 2010

GregCipollone #ba2010 Agility = business culture + capability + state of mind

davereinhardt #ba2010 challenge for BAs is shifting from individual projects to shaping the business, move from working w/reqs to working w/initiatives
@stugom BA to me is the bridge between business and IT, not either

steelskyrust #ba2010 interesting to hear about companies moving away from ‘dabbling’ in offshore resource models. Do they really limit Agility?
@davereinhardt Glad you like the look of the squiggle people – let me know how you find them once you’ve tried them with business people!

davereinhardt #ba2010 squiggle bodied actors instead of just stick figures in your use cases? the OMG might tut-tut but stakeholders likely to prefer it

allankellynet #ba2010 confirms my maxim: Bigger a document is the less likely it will be read; bigger it is document the less will be remembered if read

Project managers are so focused on dates that they don’t tend to innovate; BAs should innovate says Sue Vowler #ba2010
Benefits Management should be part of a BAs responsibilities, says Sue Vowler. Most companies are poor at it. #ba2010
Sue Vowler says that charities have realised that BAs are important. Interesting discussion at #ba2010
Debbie Paul is being a great Panel Chair at #ba2010 – lots of good questions and lively discussions!
From IIBA President Kathleen Barrett at #ba2010: “Business Analysis isn’t rocket science.” Very true.
Very different session on workshops follows mine at #ba2010 – lots of good points from IBM’s Emmanuel Treny. All PowerPoint though …

davereinhardt #ba2010 which way round do you naturally draw a circle? @PennyPullan’s session has us drawing our way out of boring workshops
@davereinhardt thank you – chocolate has a magic way of engaging people (and is unexpected, so creative?)
“@DavidAvisBA: great session by @PennyPullan creative, engaging and clear #BA2010 – Thanks Penny.” thanks David 🙂

Great to meet former colleague Phil Short from Mars this am at #bpm2010
Great turnout for my session at #ba2010 – thank you everyone! I think the chocolate went down well too 🙂
Big sheets of paper (5ft by 5ft) aren’t as easy as using PowerPoint but much more engaging, creative and clear. #ba2010 28 September 2010 06:41:56 via web

Looking forward to day 2 of #BA2010. Have prepared my presentation – no Powerpoint and lots of participation…
#BA2010 Service processes are not producing a product but a series of interactions with customers. Paul Harmon. It’s true.
Using process modelling to scope projects and get solution requirements this [email protected] #BA2010
Agile session at #BA2010 “don’t be a template zombie”. Too true, but they can be useful.
Agile session at #BA2010: pause and reflect, to speed up. Talking about retrospectives.
Agile session at #BA2010: increase revenue; avoid cost; improve service; adhere to regs. Above all deliver value!
@UKAdrianReed I’ll be there… See you soon!   

At first day of #BA2010 conference today – hope to meet some of you there.

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