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You’re a business analyst in a large organisation…

You’re a business analysts in a large organisation…

Thank you for letting us know that you are a business analyst in a large organisation, perhaps part of an established BA Practice.

We work with a variety of BA practices and organisations. These include:

  • Short presentations on BA topics, say, over lunch (see here for the range of topics we cover and typical outputs);
  • Visual skills for business analysis: training in how best to engage stakeholders, communicate effectively and work speedily. You can gain access to a free e-course in this area via our site Graphics Made Easy;
  • Facilitation training, particularly focused on business analysts, giving you the advanced skills to work really effectively with diverse groups across and perhaps even beyond your organisation;
  • Leadership skills assessments and training, via our site Business Analysis and Leadership;
  • Intensive mentoring for business analysts, developing skills in a tailored, effective and speedy way. There are several case studies here.

Which of these would be most useful to you? Let us know here to continue the conversation.