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Last night was a first – the first International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA) UK Chapter event in the Midlands! What a change from trekking down to London. It’s been a while coming. I suggested that we run something more than a year ago, but once I was joined by Alex Papworth (of BAMentor fame) and Kim Powell, things started moving in February. Soon afterwards, Capital One agreed to host it in Nottingham and Gareth Tupper joined our team and organised the best buffet that I’ve seen at an IIBA event 🙂

Events can be risky, and with the Agile speaker Allan Kelly arriving as he was due to speak, we swapped order and my facilitation slot came first. In a 30 minute slot, we explored people’s shared experience of being business analysts and then looked at the best ideas/experience from each group. You can see this one below or a full slideshow here.
Best from the group

Allan Kelly presented on Agile. A key theme that resonated with me was his feeling that Lean Thinking was just a wider form of Agile. As a proponent of Lean, but without direct experience of running a project using Scrum or XP, I realised that I was already pushing an Agile agenda.

The evening finished off with lots of ideas from people as to the way forward for business analysts in the Midlands. If you count yourself as one of these, then watch this space!

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