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Workshops That Work

We design and deliver unique workshops for you, to meet your needs and to reach your goals. We work closely with you upfront. We make sure all participants are crystal clear on the purpose of your session. We help you to decide the best people to invite to your the workshop, and design it so that everyone can do their best work together. During the workshop, our facilitator will keep people engaged and involved, freeing everyone up to focus, knowing everything is taken care of. We use visual methods which keep people watching, whether in-person, hybrid or virtual.

We are experts in running workshops, whether in person, virtual or in hybrid situations, and have been doing so for nearly 20 years. Our founder is the author of ‘Making Workshops Work’.

Making Workshops Work

Published by PIP in paperback on 13th July 2021, with a special Kindle offer worldwide on 12th July 2021.

Focusing on in-person, virtual and hybrid sessions throughout, Making Workshops Work takes the reader from an initial idea or brief, through step-by-step preparation, to an engaging, well-run and effective session, resulting in agreed actions and clear follow up. Those who read it and put it into practice will feel confident and competent as they deliver creative collaboration and great results from their meetings and workshops.

Reviews include:
‘The perfect book for our times’ (Elizabeth Harrin, Author and Project Manager)
‘A definite must-read for anyone organising workshops’ (Dr Shireen Sindi, Assistant Professor)
‘…add sparkle to tired meeting formats and bring people together in deeper and more creative ways – just what we need in the new world of work.’ (Caroline Webb, Author)

“This was a fun packed day. I have learned lots and can’t wait to get started back at work using my new tools. I liked the way we got lots of hands on throughout the day.”

Linda McKinven

Change Facilitator, BSkyB

“I would really recommend this course to colleagues who struggle with great, inspiring visual presentation at their meetings.”

Jocelyn Reavley

Project Manager, AstraZeneca

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