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Conference Calls Made Easy – How to Prepare for Maximum Success

Conference Calls Made Easy

Here is the handout for the call:

Download this handout – there is space to add your own notes as well as useful content for when you listen to the recording.


Here is the transcript of the call:

Download the transript here. It is a .pdf document.


Here is the recording:

Download the recording here – it’s a .wma file and is just under 4MB in size.


What did people say immediately after listening to the call?

‘You are absolutely right about taking time to set up the call, in the same way that you would with any other meeting.  For some reason, telephone conferences are seen as needing less preparation or needing less care than ordinary meetings but clearly this is not the case; quite the contrary I think.’

Richard, Manager, Utility Company


‘Thank you for today’s master class, very helpful.

I learnt many very useful things, here are a few that I will definitely be trying to incorporate in my conference calls in future:

  •  Setting up meetings and conference calls with people external to the organization, use Goggle documents, these do all the hard work for you.
  • Time spent in preparation, ie building relationships via email and 1:1s with individuals before the conference call are a good investment of time.
  • Time spent in preparation, ie an email with all the details people need (see Penny’s example)
  • Visual Impact; circulating photos and a short paragraph about each individual attending the meeting.
  • Structure the call:  Introductions at the beginning, agenda, objectives, actions etc.
  • Around the table; what worked and what didn’t work at the end of the call.
  • Ascribe roles, time keeper, chairperson when appropriate.

 Looking forward to the next one!’

 Susan, International Relief Charity


Hi Penny,

Just wanted to congratulate you on a great call and thank you for all the useful tips.’  

Zoe, FMCG Multinational