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Conference Calls Made Easy – Bonus Recording

Conference Calls Made Easy


Here’s your Bonus Master Class Recording:

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Here are the Checklist and Mind Map:

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12 Crucial Questions for Conference Calls

Conference Call Frustrations!


How can I develop my skills further?

Once a fortnight, I’ll send you a short tip on one aspect of conference calls. Of course, if you want to improve your calls immediately, there is an answer! During the call, I talked about the Master Classes focusing on preparation, during the call and what to do afterwards. These are full of ways to help make your conference calls shorter, more effective and more productive.

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What did people say immediately after listening to this call?

Here are some snippets from notes that people sent me:

I can identify with almost every one of the frustrations on your mind map! These, too, were backed up from comments from other participants. I was impressed by the way you managed the meeting, such as setting expectations, keeping to time, indicating when people should listen and when they could speak.
Paul Banks, Project Manager, Technology Multinational  

That was great!
I really liked the twelve crucial questions worksheet.  Going over conference calls that I’ve had in the past, and applying these twelve questions brought a deeper, analytical understanding of why things didn’t work, or how things could have been better.
Linda Spindley

Thank you for the TC, I really enjoyed it … More than anything I appreciated the reassurance that it’s not just me that struggles with these things sometimes.
Sarah Gordon, Process Implementation Scientist, FMCG Multinational

Thank you again for leading a stimulating and informative seminar…. In the last three months I have experienced almost all of these issues.
Martin Harnor

I found the twelve points a great help as to decide whether a conference call is the best option
Graham Connell

Thank you, Penny, for the interesting seminar. It did maintain my interest throughout.
Steve Charters, Etimos Ltd, http://www.etimosmeansready.com/
Thank you, today was very helpful.
Susan, International Relief Charity

[One of the] key points I picked up is: Stating the aims of the call at the start, clarifying aims for each stage of the call and at the end clarifying what was achieved and what is next.
Paul Durbin, Project Manager, Pharmaceutical Multinational