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I spent much of my summer pushing a wheelchair around after my other half, Malcolm, broke his achilles tendon in May. He’s almost better now but, for a while, he was in plaster from foot to knee. It could have been worse, much worse: many achilles patients were in plaster from foot to hip, so unable to move or take a proper bath for six weeks. What a nightmare that would be!

So how do the doctors decide which patient will have to suffer the long plaster and which ones will have the (much easier to live  with) short plaster? Surely they would use the patient’s medical history and work out which one would suit the patient’s injury best… you’d hope so. But I was horrified to see a note stuck up in the plaster room. It was a list of consultant surgeons’ names with the length of plaster that each preferred their patients to wear. Isn’t that terrible? Had my husband seen a different consultant, he would have been in plaster up to his hip. No baths, no car trips (he’s 6ft 2in tall!), no wheelchair outings.

That’s just dumb isn’t it? But before we get too carried away criticising doctors, let’s look at project professionals. How many of us are just as inflexible when it comes to choosing the methodologies that we use for our projects? Hmmm.

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