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Steve Mudford talks about his experience of Penny’s Outstanding Outsiders programme

Our client, Steve Mudford, describes his experience of the Outstanding Outsider programme

Our client and his challenge

I first came across Penny through the first virtual Business Analysis Summit not long after I started contracting. I met Penny in real life at a seminar a year later. After I had been contracting for nearly three years, Penny approached me with her idea for Outstanding Outsiders. It made sense to me as I had come to feel that contracting wasn’t really living up to my expectations. I enjoyed my contracts and the freedom of working for myself, but I didn’t have any idea of where to go from there and the whole thing was starting to feel like just another job.

The solution

When Penny invited me to join her mentoring programme, it had a great deal of appeal as she had already made the transition from employee to respected industry figure and thought leader. There really didn’t seem to be any other development opportunities that suited my particular needs. The other key influence was the fact that the programme involves a peer group rather than one-to-one mentoring. This provides great opportunities to develop ideas together, plus understanding and learning from other people’s experiences.

While the programme doesn’t teach you to be a business analyst – it is aimed at people who are already established in the field – it does cover several areas from a more advanced viewpoint. However, much of the focus is on personal and business development.

What happened

Everyone takes something different from development programmes like this. For me, it was a greater realisation and appreciation of the skills I already had, along with a new confidence in my own abilities. The programme also provided me with the tools to understand and develop my business and myself better. I also made some great friends.

What does Steve say now?

Outstanding Outsiders isn’t like a course that you take part in for a week and then forget the content – it’s more like the start of a process. It gives you the tools and sets you going. Where you go from there is entirely up to you! At least that’s my experience. I have no idea what the next few years will bring but they will be different because of Penny and it will be fun finding out.