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Outstanding Outsiders: Business Analyst Mercy’s story

Outstanding Outsiders: Business Analyst Mercy’s story

Our Client and Her Challenge:

Mercy had been a business analyst contractor for a while. She loved analysis and wanted to progress, without moving on to project/programme management. She wasn’t sure what to do next.

Mercy came across a recommendation by Alex Papworth of the BA Mentor for a programme, which she thought would be a good opportunity to meet other Business Analysts. Alex suggested joining Penny Pullan’s ‘Outstanding Outsiders’ programme. Mercy and Penny had a conversation to make sure that Mercy would fit into the group well and that it aligned with her goals for the future.

The Solution
Mercy says, ‘Outstanding Outsiders is such a breath of fresh air. There is nothing like it in the market place! It’s a forum where contractors come together to learn, discuss challenges and encourage each other.’

Mercy worked together with Penny on modules such as ‘Thought Leadership’, ‘Negotiation and Influencing’, ‘Personal Branding’, ‘Your Ideal Client’ and more. She says, ‘They were all great.’

Initially, as a busy contractor, Mercy struggled to keep up with the modules and her weekly accountability updates. Once Penny reminded her that it is not about perfection but about keeping focus, Mercy saw the bigger picture. Now she works through the short modules, which are easy to read and complete. She spends twenty minutes each Sunday to update Penny on her progress. Mercy appreciates Penny’s timely comments back!

Mercy says, ‘I have benefitted immensely from the feedback and suggestions from Penny. She even kindly reviewed my CV and provided quality feedback (which is not part of the programme by the way). Boy what a difference has this made!’

The Results

What happened as a result of joining the Outstanding Outsider programme? Mercy noticed immediate changes.
Encouraged by Penny, Mercy asked for recommendation from her managers and colleagues, asking for her top three strengths and the value these added to the work environment.

Another measure is that Mercy’s next contract rate increased by 15% as a result of her negotiation skills.

What does she say now?

Nine months into the programme, Mercy says, ‘I am really glad I joined the programme. I cannot put any price on what I have learned and continue to learn on the programme. One of my managers recently told me that he has noticed an increased confidence in me. A friend of mine has also noticed a huge difference in me and has decided to join the programme as a result.’

Newsflash: In 2016, Mercy reached the final of the Freelancer of the Year award in the UK!