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Adding the Powerful of Graphics to Meetings

Adding the Powerful of Graphics to Meetings


John is a busy project manager in the pharmaceutical industry. His life is full of meetings. Engaging his project team and a wide range of stakeholders is critical to his success. He knows that his meetings could do with an extra edge, especially given the visual world of the 21st century. He wants to move away from PowerPoint slides covered in words, which tend to bore his audience. He has no confidence in his own graphical/visual skills.

Meeting Penny at a conference, he saw how powerfully simple graphics and appropriate use of colour could engage people at a meeting.


John signed up for our ‘Meeting Graphics Made Easy’ workshop. At the start, he found out that most of the others were not artists either. They were all encouraged to learn the simple images that form the building blocks of Penny’s work with groups. It wasn’t hard – no harder than learning how to print the letters of the alphabet all those years ago. By lunchtime, everyone on the course had mastered the graphics, even John.


In the afternoon, they chose relevant areas to focus on.  ‘Using Graphics to Enhance Remote Meetings’ was a really useful session for John as he tended to spend more and more time each week in dull conference calls.


Back at work, John’s now using graphics in his meetings and presentations, as appropriate for the audience. His team and stakeholders are much more engaged during meetings and are able to recall decisions and actions clearly.

Find out more for yourself by signing up for our e-course on how to add graphics to your work. It’s free for three months. To join a course as John did, find out more here.