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Early this summer, I presented at the APM’s RISK SIG Conference in St Albans. The first day was devoted to ‘Facilitating Risk’. This is the topic of the book which Ruth Murray-Webster and I are writing at the moment, so it was very useful to hear many different views about how to tackle common problems with risk.

On day two, I heard from several key people including David Hillson, who is going to write the foreword of our book. He spoke on Risk Motivation. I enjoyed Ranjit Sidhu who spoke on her mix of NLP and project management.

I presented on ‘Making Risk Workshops Work’ and was invited to present again at the end of the day as one of the most popular sessions. Thank you APM RISK SIG! You can see all the outputs from my two groups here.

Don’t miss their next big conference in 2012.

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